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+17 ft welded/composite construction

+Weight 2700 lbs

+Payload 2500 lbs

+Maximum speed 60 mph

+8" minimum water depth

+GM 5.7 Vortec multi-port injection marine engine

+Customized Hamilton 212 Turbo Jet Unit

+60 gallon fuel capacity

+dual high capacity bilge pumps

The Maximog® Jet boat is currently in design in collaboration with Doug Riddle of Riddle Marine in Lewiston Idaho. It is designed for rapid traverses and exploratory operations over both basic and challenging waterways.

Capable of accelerating from 0-60 Mph in about 4 seconds, it utilizes a jet pump propulsion system coupled to a modified marine 450 horsepower gasoline engine. It is constructed of 6061T6 aluminum and composites with encapsulated T1 steel armoring in potential impact areas. The high power to weight ratio and steering agility enables difficult operations such as ascending class 4-5 white water rapids.

The water jet provides minimum draft for shallow water operations and minimizes the possibility of damage to living creatures in the marine ecosystem.


+ Radar and Radar detection

+ Scanning forward and down looking sonar

+ High resolution charting depth sounder

+ Proton Magnetometer

+ VHF and HF/ALE transceivers

+ Dual mode night vision (FLIR and intensified)

+ Video telemetry transmitter

+ Dual mode Satellite communications

+Navigation computer with dual differential GPS

+High capacity dual battery/alternator system

+ROV support frame and electronics

+PTO based generator for ROV operations

+1 kW Xenon searchlight

+Systems integration computer with sunlight readable waterproof display

+Autopilot with GPS waypoint navigation capability

+Stability augmentation and dynamic positioning system