The MaxiMog® Expedition System is a modular high mobility vehicle designed for exploring this (or similar) planets. Designed for flexibility in both form and function, it provides safe access and crew support to remote destinations.

Consisting of a main vehicle, and a variety of mission specific accessories, it provides comfortable rapid transportation over highways and developed roads combined with the ability able to cope with extreme and hostile environmental conditions.

The first Maximog® system will travel to California’s Death Valley and Lake Powell this summer after being on exhibit in New York’s Museum of Modern Art starting February 8th. The system was designed by Bran Ferren of Applied Minds Inc. and built by Thomas Ritter / Unicat

The base vehicle is a highly modified Mercedes Benz Unimog chassis with a custom body, completely new power plant, computer controlled suspension, and integrated electrical, hydraulics and electronics systems. Many of the onboard navigation, power, lighting, communications, computation and electro-optics systems were developed specifically for this vehicle.

The system can ford five feet of water, climb a 45 degree slope and provide a comfortable living and work environment at -70F to +130F. It is also intended to be a field testbed for new mobile technologies.






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The diverse range of accessories include a high performance Motorbike, an electrically powered UAV aircraft which can fly up to 10 miles away from the MaxiMog® while transmitting back it’s position and live video, and an ROV teleoperated undersea vehicle.

The trailer is a fully custom insulated composite structure which can accommodate two interchangeable Swingout® side compartments, rack mount electronics bays, and rear-mounted major accessories. Typically, a bathroom, kitchen, communications/computing rack and motorbike system would be loaded for an extended expedition.

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Maximog Vehicle
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Maximog UAV image
The Maximog UAV

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Maximog vehicle with trailer

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